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Using Local Government Resources to Keep Up to Date About Mosquitoes and Ticks in your Community

Local government and public health office: your reliable sources to get updates about mosquitoes and ticks

If you need to find information or updates about mosquitoes and ticks in your area, look no further! Your local government or public health office FAQ provides important information. Take the FAQ page of Minnesota’ Metropolitan Mosquito Control District as a great example. Here you can get straightforward and detailed answers of how to keep away mosquitoes around your house and where to look for control materials.

Likewise, many state and local governments have created pages or FAQs to disseminate important information and updates to local communities. Another example is Seminole County in Florida. Their FAQs on mosquito control provides useful tips and guidelines about what to do if you get mosquito bites, or how to reduce mosquito breeding around your house.

Mosquito Bite by James Jordan - Flickr

Beside answering questions related to mosquitoes and ticks, many of these sites report detailed information about West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephiliatis, Lyme disease, or other arbovirus outbreaks in your area. One great example is Wyoming Department of Health’s page. Here, you can keep up to date with West Nile Virus activity, and also major steps to getaway from West Nile virus infection.

Additionally, this awesome map from the CDC shows live, active arbovirus cases in the United States!

2020 West Nile Virus activity (Photo courtesy of Wyoming Department of Health)

Share Resources on Social Media

As the guidelines and numbers update by the local authorities, you can share these updates on your social media outlets to help inform your local community. Be careful not to alarm people, just report the facts as reported by the local authorities. Link people directly back to your local authorities so they can obtain more information.

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