Mosquito Hunters of Northern Nassau County, NY, highly recommends STB!

Dawn discusses why she switched to Stop the Bites!

“Stop the Bites! was an absolute game-changer.”

“The efficacy and results were equal to, if not better than, the synthetic products.”

“Our clients were super happy with the service and the effectiveness.”

“Definitely give Stop the Bites! a try. It is a phenomenal product.”

All Natural Pest Away in Raleigh, NC, says STB will set you apart. 

Shane talks about his experience with STB – the product and the company. 

“…many, many customers coming back to me raving about the product, the smell, the effectiveness.” 

“Everything it says it does, it will do.” 

“I don’t know any other company that has this kind of support and actually does what they say they will do.” 

“It will set you apart from the others.”

Paul Upperman with Phoenix Lawn Service in Arkansas says “this stuff works!”

Paul had his doubts about natural products before trying Stop the Bites! Now he is a believer.

“Man, does this stuff work!” 

“I have gotten longevity longer than what it states on the label.”

“It is user-friendly, it smells good.” 
“I have several clients that are raving about the results that they’re seeing.”
Snags Mosquito & Tick Loves Stop The Bites!

Shawn Nagle Owner of Snags Mosquito & Tick in Attleborough, Massachusetts Trusts Stop The Bites!

“Stop The Bites is unbelievable. The spray smells amazing, the results are great, I have not had a re-treat after hundreds and hundreds of sprays.”

“My own back yard is wet and the WORST for mosquitoes. Testing it in my own backyard, stretched it a little bit. It’s been 38 days since my last spray, not a bite. I don’t recommend that, you should treat after 3 weeks.”

“If you are in Attleborough and you need me, Snag’s mosquito and tick. Snag them before they snag you.”

Experiences From A Stop The Bites! User in Virginia

Harmony Pest Management is Very Happy With The Results from STB!

Quotes from homeowners, “this product is amazing”. 

“We are finally able to go out and eat dinner in our back yard again.”

Thank you to Harmony for posting this video, check it out to hear more of their experiences with STB.

Experiences From A Stop The Bites! User in Illinois

Eric Vorel Owner of Sarasota Lawn Is Growing His Business With His Natural Mosquito Service

“Never clogs our sprayers”

“Smells fantastic!”

“Our customers are raving about it.”

“So far no callbacks, no re-sprays, all-around a fantastic product.”

Sarasota Lawn is an awesome company learn more about them here:

GreenFoot Pest Solutions Relies on Stop The Bites!

Mitchell talks about his experience using Stop The Bites! in Tennessee

“We love the fact it is a Natural product with no harmful chemicals in it.”

“Our customers love it, we haven’t had a single call back or re-treat.”

“Smells great! It does the trick!”

“Keeps all the mosquitoes, ticks, any nuisance pest down and makes it tolerable. So a family can go outside and enjoy themselves. “

“We love it and we’re going to continue to use it for as long as we’re in business.”

GreenFoot Pest solutions is proud to offer Stop The Bites! to all their customers around Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville and the surrounding areas.  Learn more about them here:

Mark Campbell - Owner of Great Lawns Plus - Mosquito & Tick Defender in Massachusetts - Explains why he uses Stop The Bites!

“We have had only one call back and that customer lives in an area surrounded by wetlands.”

“We’ve had fantastic results with Stop The Bites!”

“It smells great, it is nice to use, from the applicator’s perspective.”

*Features a demo of using STB out of a truck-mounted sprayer

Great Lawns Plus is a family-owned business based out of Marlboro, Massachusetts – to learn more about them visit their website:

Shane's customers are very glad he uses STB!

Shane is in Central Illinois, and he is happy with Stop The Bites!

“Smells great”

“Works well”

Customers say “The mosquitoes leave when you do.”

“STB will have my business as long as they are selling the product.”

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