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Professional Mosquito repellents

Powerful Natural Pest Control Products

Business owners, homeowners and professional pest control services all want powerful natural pest control products. They want a natural mosquito repellent that can keep their businesses, homes, and customers’ properties free from invasive mosquito infestation. They also want natural pest control products they can depend on to protect homeowners from nasty pests like roaches and fleas. Stop The Bites®! products are the solution they are looking for.

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natural mosquito repellent

1 Quart
(Single Bottle)


Natural tick repellent

4 Gallons
(4x1 Gallon)



Mosquito and tick repellent

5 Gallons
(2x2.5 Gallon)



Natural mosquito spray 55 gallon stop the bites drum

55 Gallon Drum



Natural mosquito control

Stop The Bites!
275 Gallons



Eco-Friendly Disinfectant
4 Gallons



Eco-Friendly Disinfectant
55 Gal Drums & 330 Gal Totes
Limited quantities available*


$2,145 & $12,870

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted | Only sold in  the United States | (Currently not available in: WA) | Refunds & Returns policy

*Standard Shipping is Free – Due to ongoing COVID-19 impacts, shipping time is currently 5-7 business days.

* You can pay an additional $25/case for rushed two-day delivery. Please call – 1-855-521-7448 to request this option.

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