Professional Mosquito repellents

Powerful Natural Mosquito Repellent

Business owners, homeowners and professional pest control services all want a powerful natural mosquito repellent. They want a natural mosquito repellent that can keep their businesses, homes and customers’ properties free from invasive mosquito infestation.

Our Products

Shop a variety of sizes for Stop The Bites®!

natural mosquito repellent

1 Quart
(Single Bottle)


Natural tick repellent

4 Gallons
(4x1 Gallon)



Mosquito and tick repellent

5 Gallons
(2x2.5 Gallon)



Natural mosquito spray 55 gallon stop the bites drum

55 Gallon Drum



Natural mosquito control

Stop The Bites!
275 Gallons



Eco-Friendly Disinfectant
4 Gallons



Eco-Friendly Disinfectant
55 Gal Drums & 330 Gal Totes
Limited quantities available*


$2,145 & $12,870

All major credit cards and PayPal accepted | Only sold in  the United States | (Currently not available in: WA) | Refunds & Returns policy

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