Stop The Bites! 4 Gallon Case Mosquito and Tick Control


Our Stop The Bites! 4 Gallon Mosquito and Tick Repellent comes in four (4) one gallon containers.
Powerful Natural Mosquito & Tick Control. Designed for Professional Use.

Our Stop The Bites! 4 Gallon Mosquito and Tick Control comes in four (4) one gallon containers.
Stop The Bites®! is a natural product that kills ticks and mosquitos from your customer’s home or place of business. These pesky intruders are known for making outside time less than ideal with their presence. Application of Stop The Bites®! will eliminate these annoying unwanted guests from your customer’s home. The product works with the same efficacy as leading toxin solutions, but Stop The Bites®! is friendly for children and pets. Just dilute 6 oz. of the solution with a gallon of water and you’ll be on your way of getting rid of mosquitos and ticks.

  • Kills mosquitoes and ticks in 24 hours
  • Lasts 21-28 days
  • Contains a unique blend of essential oils and inert ingredients for unmatched performance
  • Family friendly alternative to harsh chemical sprays, zappers, and candles
  • Made in the USA
  • Family & pet friendly

Natural Pest Control Use Around Babies, Dogs, and Cats

Stop The Bites®-EX! is considered to be acceptable for use in areas where these groups may spend time. Stop The Bites®-EX! is regarded as a family-friendly and pet-friendly natural pest control spray.




Environmentally Friendly

100% Knockdown Pests in 30Minutes

Stop The Bites®-EX! had professional testing done at Snell Scientific, a highly regarded third party testing agency.


100% Knock-down in 30 minutes

Stop The Bites®-EX! knocked down 100% of pests in 30 minutes after application. The knockdown outperformed the most popular pyrethroid used in the industry.

100% killed in 4 days

Stop The Bites®-EX! killed 100% of threads in 4 days after application, again outperforming popular pyrethroid used in the industry.

Residual Life Test

The Stop the Bites®-EX! killed 100% of pests that landed on treated vegetation after 4 days.

Stop The Bites®-EX! Natural Pest Control Ingredients

It is made in the United States and contains no restricted substances and no synthetic insecticides. It is not harmful to treated vegetation.

mosquito control with essential oils

Stop The Bites®-EX! is made from the following active ingredients:

Stop The Bites®-EX! is also made from the following inert ingredients:

The Best Natural Insect Pest Repellent

Our powerful (yet gentle to humans!) formula is also proven to knock down plenty of common pests. 

Natural Pest Control for Ants

Apply Stop The Bites®-EX! around the perimeter of any building -- especially the outer walls of homes and apartments -- to prevent ant infestation. Ants are killed on impact.

Natural Pest Control for Roaches

Just like ants, roaches are knocked down by our spray, stopping them in their tracks before they have the chance to bother family members, guests, or clients -- and before being able to cause adverse health reactions.

Natural Pest Control for Spiders

Spiders and webs can get in the way at your business or home. Getting a spider bite is a scary experience, too. Stop The Bites®-EX! has proven effective at killing spiders.

Natural Pest Control for Fleas

Stop The Bites®-EX! is pet-friendly not only because of its gentle ingredients, but because of its broad capabilities in stamping out the pests that target pets like cats, such as fleas.

a cricket on leaf, macro photography
Female of paper wasp

Natural Insect Control

Stop The Bites®-EX! is perfect for natural insect control of most other general pests as well, including:

How to Use Our Commercial Insect Control Spray

Stop The Bites®! knocks down ants, spiders, roaches, and many other pests in outdoor areas in an hour or less when used correctly. 

The basic steps:


Mix Stop The Bites®-EX! with water

(specific proportions depend on the use case) to create a solution that can treat 3,000 to 7,500 square feet.


Apply Stop The Bites®-EX!! during the warmest time of the day.

(This is when pests are resting, so the solution is able to hit as many pests as possible.)
It’s available in two types of application form: hand-held fogging/misting spray or liquid sprayer backpack.


Wait until the solution has dried before entering the treated area.

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