What If Mosquito Control Didn’t Exist?

We try our best to always say thank you to pest control professionals, because their job is very important. Most don’t realize exactly how important it is, until you read further into this blog. Pest control professionals are working to protect humankind from vector borne diseases that are very present in today’s world. So – what would an America with no mosquito control look like? Let’s find out. 

More health issues from vector-borne diseases.

There are several mosquito borne diseases. You’ve probably heard of the most popular mosquito diseases such as Malaria and West Nile Virus. Those are a couple, but there are several vector-borne diseases that could cause serious problems. If it weren’t for mosquito control, those diseases would be much more prevalent.

For example, as late as 1934, there were roughly 125,566 cases of Malaria just in the United States. If mosquito control didn’t exist, malaria could easily reestablish due to immigration and travel. Notonly malaria, but also dengue fever, yellow fever, and more could begin to spread throughout different parts of the United States.

A lower quality of life.

It is common knowledge that mosquitoes are annoying. Imagine if there was no control at all? Mosquitoes would constantly be annoying you and your family, and you could be swatting them away left and right. Just as a quick fact,  a female mosquito can produce over 400 million offspring in just a few months, even if only 25% of each generation survives. That’s a lot of mosquitoes that could be searching for a blood meal. To help put that amount of mosquitoes into further numbers, mosquito traps were set nightly in the everglades and surrounding islands. Some catches have previously weighed more than one pound. For reference, one pound of mosquitoes is equal to about 1,095,440 mosquitoes! Again, that’s a lot of mosquitoes! And that is just one area and one night’s catch.

Having to constantly worry about mosquitoes would not lead to a very high quality life. Therefore, mosquito control is important for you to enjoy the way you live. 

A large impact on all sorts of animals.

Mosquitoes not only feed on the blood of humans, but animals too. The most popular mosquito-borne disease that is most commonly found in horses is Eastern Equine Enchephalitis (EEE). Even though it is most commonly found in horses, several other mammals and even some birds have picked up this disease that usually leads in death.

EEE, West Nile Virus, and several other diseases would impact animals all over the world if mosquito control did not exist. 

It would hurt more than just the environment.

Not only would the lack of mosquito control lead to harm in the ecosystem and to humans, it would also lead to strain on the economy. You might be wondering, how?


Coastlines attract tons of tourists, but also tons of mosquitoes. If mosquito control was not available, those tourist destinations could likely contain too many mosquitoes and not be enjoyable to visit. Not only the coastlines, but outdoor events and camping all over the country could be affected by the annoying and dangerous pest.

Since mosquitoes can also affect animals, lack of mosquito control could lead to higher meat and dairy prices. Studies have shown that mosquito population affects the production of meat and dairy.


Tourism, food, and even real estate can be affected by population. Who wants to live somewhere where mosquitoes are constantly attacking? All of these are just a few reasons how mosquitoes can affect the economy.

So - mosquito control is very important!

Mosquito control is important to our country and to the world. If it did not exist, we would be much more uncomfortable in several aspects of our lives. Thank you to our Pest Control Professionals who work everyday to make our lives more enjoyable! We appreciate you.

 If you are a pest control professional reading this, give us a call at Stop the Bites! Help make your customers’ lawns mosquito-free by using our natural, effective, product. If you are a homeowner reading this, reach out to us on our Find an Applicator page, and we can help set you up with your nearest Stop the Bites! applicator.

Check out the American Mosquito Control Association’s website on “An America Without Mosquito Control”. 

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