Mosquito ID Course

Virginia Mosquito Control Association Posts All Mosquito ID Course Materials

Awesome news! 

The Virginia Mosquito Control Association (VMCA) recently posted most of the Adult mosquito ID course materials onto their website.

Double awesome news! – they have posted a simple way to order the guide: “The Mosquitos Of The Mid-Atlantic region” – by  Bruce Harrison, Brian Byrd, Charles Sither, and Parker Whitt. This work is 200 pages of keys for adult females and 4th instar larvae – including 585 novel Adobe Illustrator figures. – This is a book that every pest control company East of the Mississippi River should have on their book shelf. 

Why is this so exciting?

Even if you are not a mosquito nerd you will still gain a lot of knowledge flipping through the amazing powerpoints that are part of this course.

There are slide decks about each of the major (and minor) genera. Here is just one slide from the awesome Culex slide deck.

Culex slide Karen Akartovic
Photo Credit: Example Culex Slide by Karen Akaratovic Suffolk Mosquito Control

There is also great information for beginners. Including info about basic mosquito biology, traps and diseases. 

Since many of the habitats & species are similar across the Eastern U.S., these presentations will help you even if you don’t live near Virginia.

Other Mosquito Control Tips:

Consider Joining VMCA (Virginia Mosquito Control Association)

VMCA is a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers. If you click on their mosquito guides and you find value with them, consider joining their association. As of January 2021, it is $15 per year.

What is the best online training course you have ever participated in? Let me know in the comments below.

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