Do you need a license to apply Natural products in these states? – Friday Five!

Stop the Bites! is formulated and intended for use by Lawn Care and Pest Control Professionals. 

Welcome to the Friday Five! Each Friday, we will be posting five states’ licensing rules to answer one of our most commonly asked questions: “Do I need to be licensed in my state to apply Stop the Bites! or 25(b) natural products?”  We did our best to compile a list of each state’s different requirements. We are still hearing back from states, so follow along for who we hear from next week! These are not the official rules from the state. Your state and local regulators are the only people who can give you the definitive correct answer as to which license is required. Please use this blog and our webpage as guidance to help you investigate your relevant laws, regulations, and rules.

Stay tuned for our Friday updates, and check out our webpage for a full list of the states we have received! 


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Alabama? 

If you are applying 25(b) Natural products in Alabama you will need a license, and might have to follow some extra steps. Here is an explanation of what I mean. From the Alabama Professional Services rules 80-10-9, pest control work where an individual or company is providing their services for hire is considered Professional Services work and the person or company must first obtain proper certification and then apply for an annual license. 

If you are applying Stop the Bites! Mosquito and Tick, or any mosquito and tick control, this type of control falls under Alabama’s Household Pest Control category. This means the person applying will be required to be examined and obtain proper certification for that type of work along with getting a business license to perform said work. 


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Alaska?

The short answer is yes, you need a license. In Alaska, state regulations 18-AAC-90.300 requires you to be a Certified Pest Applicator for commercial application. This means if you use, or supervise, the use of pesticides on property other than your own, it is considered “custom, commercial, or contract” application and requires certification. This regulation applies to all pesticides, whether they are 25(b) or not! 


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Arkansas?

The answer is yes. As a commercial pest control applicator, you must be licensed. Below is part of the Arkansas Pest Control Program:

“Pest control service” means any person who, for compensation, gives advice or engages in work to prevent, control, or repel arthropods, mammals, birds, reptiles, or wood-damaging or wood-destroying organisms that may invade or infest homes, other buildings, or similar structures and shall include arthropods, mammals, birds, reptiles, weeds, and plant diseases that may invade, infest, or infect shade trees, shrubs, lawns, turf, and pecan groves. This term shall also include any person who issues letters of clearance, or who shall solicit such work in any manner, but the term shall not be construed to include agricultural crops from planting to harvest other than those mentioned above;” 


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Georgia? 

Yes, you do. In Georgia you must have a Category 41 Commercial Applicators license in order to apply pesticides, even if it is a 25(b) product! Visit this page on the University of Georgia Extension website for more information! 

New York

Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in New York?

Yes, in New York you will need a license to apply 25(b) products. Since applying these products is a commercial application of a pesticide, it requires certification.

In New York City and eight other New York State counties, The New York City Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law requires commercial pesticide applicators to provide written notice to neighboring residents at least 48 hours before applying lawn pesticide.

Some of you may ask “does the New York Local Law 36 apply to me if I am using 25(b) Natural products?” The answer is no! Applicators applying pesticides classified by the EPA as exempt materials under 40 CFR Part 152.25 (which are 25(b) products) do not need to provide written notice to the neighbors of where you are applying. This information sheet includes all the common questions asked about the New York City Pesticide Neighbor Notification Law. Check it out! 

Please feel free to comment on this post. If you see an error in factual information, or if you just have something interesting to share!

Check out our webpage for our full list of each state’s license requirements!

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