Do you need a license to apply Natural products in California, Delaware, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Virginia?

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Welcome back to the Friday Five. Where we answer your question of “Do I need a license to apply 25(b)- Natural products – in my state?” We have five more states and their licensing requirements for you to check out! Again, please be aware that these are not the official rules from the state. Your state and local regulators are the only people who can give you the definitive correct answer as to which license is required. Please use this blog and our webpage as guidance to help you investigate your relevant laws, regulations, and rules. Let’s dive into the answers for this week!


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in California? 

In California, regardless of if an individual is applying a FIFRA 25(b) exempt product, the products are still pesticides and individuals for hire are still subject to the Department of Pesticide Regulations licensing requirements. 

This means that if an individual is going to spray mosquito treatment in your yard for hire – or any form of pest control – that person must possess a DPR Pest Control Business (PCB) License. In addition, the PCB must have an individual responsible at each business location to supervise the operations of the business. This supervising individual must possess a DPR Qualified Applicator License (QAL) and hold the appropriate pest control category(ies) for pest control activities conducted by the PCB.

Check out the Pest Control Business License Packet which includes all of the requirements and information for getting your license in California. For information on the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s website regarding obtaining your license, click here


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Delaware? 

Yes, you do! If you are applying a Natural product or any pesticide as part of a business, you need a pesticide business license in the State of Delaware. The Pesticide Law in the State of Delaware Code goes into great detail of the law. For more information on obtaining your license in Delaware, check out this page.


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Kentucky?

Kentucky, like many other states, does require you to have a pest control license if you are applying a pesticide commercially. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Branch states that “All commercial pest control companies must have an operator’s license and be registered to legally perform work in Kentucky.” In order to apply pesticides in daycares, schools, hosptals, etc., you will need additional certification. See this page on the Kentucky Dept. of Ag website for detailed information! 

New Jersey

Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in New Jersey?

You don’t need a license in New Jersey for Stop the Bites! This is the first state I have written on in our blogs where you do not need a pest control license in order to apply a FIFRA 25(b) exempt product commercially. This can be confusing because the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection rule states If you apply pesticides “for hire” in New Jersey, State law requires that your business obtain a Pesticide Applicator Business License. However, since our product is a 25(b) exempt product, we were told that applicators do not need a license to apply our product professionally. 


Do I need a license to apply 25(b) – Natural products – for commercial services in Virginia?

In Virginia, the FIFRA 25(b) exemption does not matter when it comes to licensing requirements. An applicator in Virginia would need to have Commercial Pesticide Applicator or Registered Technician certification in order to be eligible to apply the product for hire. Visit this page on the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences’ website for details on eligibility for a commercial applicator license. 

Share your thoughts on these states’ requirements, or add any questions/comments in the comments section below! Also, feel free to let us know if you see an error in any factual information. 

Will I report on your state next week? Stay tuned, and I will be back next Friday! 

Check out our webpage for our up-to-date list of each state’s license requirements!

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