Professional mosquito repellent

Natural Mosquito Control – the role of Cedarwood Oil in professional mosquito repellent products

Natural mosquito control: Cedarwood oil has excellent bioactivity against many arthropods

The insect repellency properties of trees from the Juniperus genius of the family Cupressaceae have been know for centuries. This is why important cloth items are traditionally stored in Cedar chests. This is also why wooden hangers are made of Juniper or Cedar.

In an excellent article from F. J. ELLER et al – “Bioactivity of Cedarwood Oil and Cedrol Against Arthropod Pests” – published in Environmental Entomology – V43-I3, 762-766 -2014.  Cedarwood oil was found to drastically reduce the number of fire ants present on a food source compared with the control. This effect was seen both with a 1% solution and a 10% solution of Cedarwood oil. These experiments also provided significant results on black legged tick nymphs (Ixodes scapularis). 48 hour mortality ranged from 77% – 100% depending on the dose. This is compared with only 3% mortality of the control group.


Cedarwood oil kills mosquitoes

In a study from 2018, Khanna & Chakraborty show that cotton treated with Cedarwood oil has excellent mortality on Anopheles stephensi. This is a cool study that tests cotton treated with different compounds.  The authors state very plainly in the paper, “…Cedarwood [oil] is an effective mosquito killer.”  –

Full Citation: (Khanna, S., Chakraborty, J.N. Mosquito repellent activity of cotton functionalized with inclusion complexes of β-cyclodextrin citrate and essential oils. Fash Text 5, 9 (2018).


The product used is 25.3% cedarwood oil and 12.7% cinnamon oil. This mixture has excellent knockdown and excellent mortality on Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. The product used in this test is not designed for ULV applications yet it still performed well. The authors state, “…we believe our positive results using {product name} as a ULV treatment highlights that some botanicals are ready to be incorporated into mosquito control programs.”

Stop The Bites®! combines essential oils for a professional mosquito repellent with unmatched performance

Stop The Bites®! combines the power of cedarwood oil, lemongrass oil, geraniol, & castor oil for a Natural formula unlike any other.

Separately, each ingredient brings unique characteristics, when combined together in our patented formulation you will experience performance unmatched by other Natural products.

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