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All Natural Insect Control

Pest control experts from across the country are turning to new options for eliminating common insects including ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, biting midges, and more. An increased number of customers are asking for natural solutions that don’t contain any synthetic chemicals. 

If you’re a pest control expert looking for a solution that’s both natural and effective, you’ve come to the right place. Stop The Bites®-EX! is environmentally friendly and proven to work. In their study of our spray, third-party testing concluded that Stop The Bites®-EX! knocks down 100% of pests within 30 minutes. 98%+ pests are dead within days. 

What is Natural Pest Control?

We sought to create a natural pest control spray because of what science has taught us in recent years about the correlation between our health and the environment. We’ve seen such success with our natural mosquito control and natural tick control that we developed the perfect way to stop other insects like roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, and more: Stop The Bites®-EX! Stop The Bites®-EX! is natural according to the guidelines set by section 25(b) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, because it’s made with ingredients verified as family-friendly and pet-friendly.

Natural Pest Control Methods

Stop The Bites®-EX! is quick and effective and kills insects upon impact. It’s a great way to naturally eliminate any pest problems.  

Natural Pest Control Spray

Since the advent of chemical pest control, synthetic pest sprays have outperformed (and outsold) the natural versions. Stop The Bites®-EX! is changing that narrative, however, and has proven to be as powerful as the synthetics — but using our gentler ingredients instead.

As more and more state legislatures adopt laws prohibiting widespread use of particularly harmful synthetic pest control agents, we’re proud to offer a safe and natural alternative with Stop The Bites®-EX!

The Best Natural Insect Pest Repellent

Our powerful (yet gentle to humans!) formula is also proven to knock down plenty of common pests. 

Natural Pest Control for Ants

Apply Stop The Bites®-EX! around the perimeter of any building -- especially the outer walls of homes and apartments -- to prevent ant infestation. Ants are killed on impact.

Natural Pest Control for Roaches

Just like ants, roaches are knocked down by our spray, stopping them in their tracks before they have the chance to bother family members, guests, or clients -- and before being able to cause adverse health reactions.

Natural Pest Control for Spiders

Spiders and webs can get in the way at your business or home. Getting a spider bite is a scary experience, too. Stop The Bites®-EX! has proven effective at killing spiders.

Natural Pest Control for Fleas

Stop The Bites®-EX! is pet-friendly not only because of its gentle ingredients, but because of its broad capabilities in stamping out the pests that target pets like cats, such as fleas.

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Natural Insect Control

Stop The Bites®-EX! is perfect for natural insect control of most other general pests as well, including:

How to Use Our Commercial Insect Control Spray

Stop The Bites®! knocks down ants, spiders, roaches, and many other pests in outdoor areas in an hour or less when used correctly. 

The basic steps:


Mix Stop The Bites®-EX! with water

(specific proportions depend on the use case) to create a solution that can treat 3,000 to 7,500 square feet.


Apply Stop The Bites®-EX!! during the warmest time of the day.

(This is when pests are resting, so the solution is able to hit as many pests as possible.)
It’s available in two types of application form: hand-held fogging/misting spray or liquid sprayer backpack.


Wait until the solution has dried before entering the treated area.

Outdoor Areas for Use With Stop The Bites®-EX!

The following are the main areas we recommend treating with Stop The Bites®!, for maximum protection against harmful pests like ants, biting midges, and ticks.

Outdoor Structures

Perimeters & Recreational Areas

Biopesticides for Natural Insect Control

Biopesticides are a highly effective, natural form of pest control. Our biopesticide acts quickly to knock down ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, and more. The insect control is tough on pesky bugs but safe to for people, pets, and pollinators.

Commercial Natural Pest Control

Stop The Bites®! products help companies and property owners protect their assets from the harmful effects of pests like ticks, ants, roaches, fleas, and spiders.

How Pests Damage Commercial Properties

Pests negatively impact property in two main ways: by being a nuisance to those trying to enjoy the outdoors, and by causing structural damage. If your business depends on people enjoying an outdoor space, you know that an infestation has the power to make a space unusable for months on end — or even years, if the public catches wind. Pests cause structural damage by infesting weak building components such as damp wood, and accelerating their decomposition.

Outdoor Pest Control That’s Safe for Kids

Stop The Bites®-EX! is safe for the whole family -- even those with especially sensitive skin, including babies and children. The natural ingredients we use are harmless to developing immune systems and crawling babies. You don’t have to turn to synthetic chemicals -- which may pose significant health risks of their own -- to protect adults and kids alike from mosquito bites, ticks, and other pests.

Natural Pest Control Safe for Dogs and Cats

When we talk about Stop The Bites®-EX! being family-friendly, we’re including pets, too. You may use our products in your yard while knowing it won’t affect those enjoying them — humans and furry companions alike. 

Although Stop The Bites®-EX! is not to be applied directly on dogs or cats, it may be considered as a pest and flea repellent for them by treating areas of the yard where they roam. Both types of pests can transmit worms that cause heartworm disease, which can cause pets to become severely ill or even die.

Natural Remedies Pest Control

As data on the harmful side effects of synthetic pest repellents grows, families and business owners are requesting healthier alternatives. Unfortunately, many homemade natural remedies for pest control are ineffective, so they’re turning to pest control businesses to offer solutions. 

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The Best Natural Pest Control

Stop The Bites®! has earned a sterling reputation among professional pest control services for its natural ingredients and leading efficacy. 

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