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Stop The Bites®! is a lawn care specialists secret weapon to combatting pesky mosquitos and dangerous ticks. This natural solution is just as effective as the leading toxin solution, but this solution won’t harm your lawn, plants, family or pets. Our natural repellent uses essential oils to deter mosquitos and ticks, thus leaving your customers free to sit outside and enjoy their outdoor space. We all know that mosquitos and ticks can also carry unwanted diseases, a treatment of Stop The Bites®! will eliminate this threat. Mosquitos and ticks are eliminated in 24 hours and your customers can rest easy knowing you are providing not only the best solution, but also the safest one for them and their family.

What are the benefits of using Stop The Bites®!

  • 100% Mosquito Kill Rate in first 24 hours
  • 100% Tick Kill Rate in 1st Hour
  • Kills & Repels for up to 4 weeks
  • Family, Pet, Bee & Butterfly Friendly
  • Lab & Field Tested
  • Made in the USA


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Natural Mosquito Repellent Use Around Babies, Dogs, and Cats

Stop The Bites®! is considered to be acceptable for use in areas where these groups may spend time. Stop The Bites®! is regarded as a family-friendly and pet-friendly natural mosquito spray.




Environmentally Friendly

100% Knockdown of Mosquitos and Tick in 24HRS

Stop The Bites®! had professional testing done at Snell Scientific, a highly regarded third party testing agency.


24HR Mosquito
Kill Test

Stop The Bites®! knocked down 100% of mosquitos in 4 hours after application. The knockdown outperformed the most popular pyrethroid used in the industry.

24HR Tick
Kill Test

Stop The Bites®! knocked down 100% of ticks in 1 hour after application, again outperforming popular pyrethroid used in the industry.

Residual Life Test

We exposed our product to the environment (weather and uv) and conducted a study to see how long our product was killing mosquitos and ticks and at what rate for 29 days. On the 29th Day Stop The Bites®! killed 100% of mosquitos that landed on treated vegetation. Killed 100% of ticks for 14 days.

Stop The Bites®! Natural Mosquito Repellent Ingredients

It is made in the United States and contains no restricted substances and no synthetic insecticides. It is not harmful to treated vegetation.

mosquito control with essential oils
Stop The Bites®! is made from the following active ingredients:
Stop The Bites®! is also made from the following inert ingredients:
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