Stop The Bites! Natural products you can count on.

Original Stop The Bites! Mosquito & Tick

The best Natural product on the market to control mosquitoes and ticks. Patented. 21 days of control. Safe around families and pets. Mosquito control you can fee great about using.

New Stop The Bites-EX! Lawn & Exterior Pest

Brand New. Expected release in Q1 2022. Controls two dozen listed pests. Designed for lawn care and exterior pest applications. Can be used on food-bearing plants and trees right up to the day of harvest. A broad spectrum lawn care product you can feel great about.

Our special offer for conference participants:

We are pleased to offer you a sample of either of our Stop The Bites! brand of products. All STB! products are FIFRA Exempt 25b products. However, in most states, they still require a license to apply them commercially.

For more information check out the Stop The Bites! Mosquito and Tick label and the New Stop The Bites-EX! Lawn & Exterior Pest DRAFT use instructions

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